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Washington Redskins: Ready for Prime Time vs. Oakland Raiders

The Washington Redskins made it look easy under the lights and in front of the cameras against the previously-undefeated Oakland Raiders. There has been no secret that the Washington Redskins have struggled when it comes to getting a win in prime time. And that’s regardless of whether they are playing at home or on the road. For some reason, when the Redskins are playing such a game, the struggle is real. Via the team website, they are tied in fifth place in the NFL for the team with the most prime time games played. Fortunately, Jay Grudem’s club overcame this struggle on Sunday night against the Oakland Raiders. The Redskins dominated the game and held Jack Del Rio’s team off the scoreboard until the end of the third quarter. The Redskins entered the fourth quarter with a 17-point lead. Running back Chris Thompson, had a great game with 38 yards rushing, 150 yards receiving and two more touchdowns. Redskins quarterback, Kirk Cousins threw for three scores and contributed with his feet as well. Previously the Redskins struggled to keep their momentum during the game. Last night, Washington played like they wanted this win in the worst way. The defense is playing better than ever, making tackles and forcing key turnovers. The win over the Raiders was one of the best efforts of the Jay Gruden Era. Next week, the Washington Redskins are back under the lights. They travel to Arrowhead Stadium to face the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs. Are the ready to make in two straight wins in the national spotlight? Ashli Brown is a Washington Redskins writer for Pro Football Spot. You can follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli. Looking for more Redskins news and features? Like our Facebook page HERE and also follow @spot_redskins on Twitter.

Washington Redskins 2017: Getting Win No. 1 of the Season

The Washington Redskins got into the win column on Sunday with an important road victory over the Los Angeles Rams. What did we take from this win? The Washington Redskins faced the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday looking for a victory. When it was all said and done, this was a good win for Jay Gruden’s club thanks to a 27-20 triumph. One of the biggest concerns of the season for the Redskins has been if quarterback Kirk Cousins can prove he is worthy of being a franchise quarterback. He responded with a great game against the Rams. Cousins completed 18-of-27 passes for 179 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptrions. If he can continue to make better decisions, Cousins can prove that he is the long term quarterback that the Redskins are looking for. Last week in Washington, the Redskins looked like a different team on the field against the Philadelphia Eagles. Overall, the team played great as a whole. Chris Thompson had an amazing game that helped the Redskins win the game. Thompson was able to score two touchdowns and Washington rushed for an impressive 229 yards. There were a few key players with injuries this game, including Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, Mason Foster and Rob Kelley. Fortunately, Reed and Norman returned to the game after a short break. Kelly left with a rib injury and is questionable to return this week. Although Kelly had a career-best game today, he was cut short from his injury. In addition to Kelley’s expected return, safety Su’a Cravens will also be returning next week, As a result of defense and offense playing well together the team is looking much better than last season. The Washington Redskins need to keep their drive from this game can play the rest of the season with the same attitude and determination. Ashli Brown is a Washington Redskins writer for Pro Football Spot. You can follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli. Looking for more Redskins news and features? Like our Facebook page HERE and also follow @spot_redskins on Twitter.

Remembering Washington Redskins Super Fan Chief Zee

It has been a year since Washington Redskins super fan Chief Zee passed away. We take some time to reminisce about the franchise’s greatest supporter. It has been a year since Washington Redskins super fan Chief Zee passed away. Of course, there have been a lot of changes in the Washington Redskins team these last few months. Players have left and there has even been a change in management with the dismissal of former general manager Scot McCloughan, and the absence of the super fan’s presence. No matter how long you’ve been a fan of the Redskins, you saw Chief Zee at least once. He was a voluntary crowd leader for the team. Chief Zee will always be remembered in his Native American headdress and fan gear cheering the Redskins on at almost every game. Throughout the years no fan will be as loyal as “Zee,” who attended all but a few contests. The Redskins often showed their appreciation for the energy that Chief Zee brought to every game. In April of 2016, Vernon Freeman Jr. of WTVR told the story of the support for the franchise’s biggest supporter. He was given free admission to the game and support during his hardships. When the team found out that Chief Zee needed help saving his home, the organization put together a fundraiser. This fundraiser raised the money so he could stay in his home. Chief Zee’s presence is noticeably missed during the games. He not only supported the Redskins at home games, he also was there faithfully at away games. Chief Zee came to every game mostly to show support. Zee also helped to bring the energy to the crowd. He also sometimes volunteered to be an unofficial mascot. Most memorable was the friendly rivalry between the “Chief” and the Dallas Cowboys’ superfan Crazy Ray – as told by Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven back in 2011. Although his spirit was in the right place, some fans were not too happy with his outfit of choice. Chief Zee proudly wore his native American inspired head dress to every game. Some fans thought it was offensive to the Native Americans although he meant no harm. One day against the Philadelphia Eagles, Chief Zee was attacked and beaten by the some of the opposition’s fans. He went through a few tough times but nothing ever stopped him from supporting his home team. It’s safe to say that Chief Zee, the greatest of all Washington Redskins’ fan, is still truly missed by all who got to see his great passion for his team. Ashli Brown is a Washington Redskins writer for Pro Football Spot. You can follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli. Looking for more Redskins news and features? Like our Facebook page HERE and also follow @spot_redskins on Twitter.

Washington Redskins: Schedule Highlighted by Prime Time Games

The NFL just released the 2017 season schedule and this season the Washington Redskins will play five prime time games. The Redskins will have a lot of extra attention on them this season, which can be good for them. The club will have to step up to the plate to overcome their prime-time struggles. Who are they going up against on prime time? This upcoming season, the Redskins will play in two Monday Night Football games and host the Thanksgiving day game. Week three will be the first game of their two back-to-back prime-time games. The Redskins will play at home against the Oakland Raiders in a Sunday Night Football game. The following week, the Redskins will meet up for a Monday Night Football game in Kansas City with the Chiefs. How have the Redskins fared in prime time games? Most teams in the league have their expected hardships that they have to work a bit harder to overcome. For the Redskins, they seem to struggle with winning prime-time games. The Redskins are more likely to struggle when they play an attention focused game. Previously the Redskins have struggled a bit with keeping their Monday Night Football statistics above average compared to the other teams in the NFL. This season will be the 14th consecutive season that the Redskins have played a prime-time Monday Night Football game. Although the Redskins struggle under those hot lights, the Redskins are tied for fifth place for the most prime time appearances. Out of all the previous Thanksgiving day games that the Redskins played, this will be the first season in franchise history that the Redskins will host a Turkey Day game. Depending on the outcome of the games, the Washington Redskins will have the chance to better their prime-time success this season. With practice and making sure they are mentally ready, the team will have the opportunity to better their odds. The Redskins, as a whole, need to show that despite their lack of prime-time success they are a good team. Ashli Brown is a writer for the NFC East and the Washington Redskins. Follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli

Washington Redskins: Voted Third-Most Attractive Team in NFL

Talk about being “pretty” good? How about the fact that the Washington Redskins are the third-most attractive team in the NFL? All told, the poll at compiles a head shot of the players and asks fans to vote on the most attractive based off these photos only. Hence, the Redskins earned a 4.98 rating, trailing only the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers. Individually, five Redskins players are on the list of the most attractive individually in the NFL. As the smoke clears, the most attractive player on the team is linebacker Will Compton. On the other hand, he is also the fifth-most attractive player in the NFL, tied with a 7.7 overall rating. Meanwhile, four other Redskins follow consecutively on the Top 10 list voted by fans. In seventh place with a 7.5 rating is outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan. More importantly, the six-year performer recently proposed to his girlfriend after one of his best seasons. Elsewhere, running back Mack Brown ties for eighth place with a 7.4 rating. Meanwhile, wide receiver Pierre Garcon ranks ninth. The now-former Redskins wideout is also the winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. It is recognition for all of the work that he does for the community. Finally, linebacker Houston Bates finishes the list for the Redskins. All told, he sits in 10th place with a 7.2 rating. Most lists you see about ratings in the NFL have to do with actual football statistics. Then again, it is quite nice to see some rankings based solely on having fun. Honestly, there were many other players on the Redskins who could have made the lists. Then again, with players both coming and going, it will be interesting to see how moves effect the team’s rating next year. Ashli Brown is a writer for the NFC East and the Washington Redskins. Follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli

Jordan Reed Ranked 77th on NFL's Top 100 List

Redskins tight end Jordan Reed was ranked No. 77 on the NFL Top 100 List. Reed had a phenomenal record breaking season in Washington in 2015. He set a franchise record for most receptions by a tight end with 87 total, he set a new record for receiving yards, and tied for most receptions by a tight end. Reed was able to lead the Redskins and broke prior records set in Redskins history by Chris Cooley. Reed strongly impacted the Redskins and finished his most impressive season with 87 receptions, 11 touchdowns, and 1072 total yards. This is the first time that Reed received a ranking on the NFL’s Top 100 List of players in the league. This is a great follow-up to the news of his multimillion dollar 5-year contract extension. He will remain a Redskin until 2021 with his new extension, which starts after his current one expires this season. Along with Reed, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was also ranked 85th on the Top 100 List. Cousins set many franchise records and received a multimillion dollar contract extension to remain the Redskins starting quarterback. Cousins often utilized his connection with Reed to help lead the Redskins to becoming NFC East Division champions. Both Reed and Cousins have shown that they work they put in last season made them worthy of being named to the Top 100 list. Ashli Brown is a writer for the NFC East and the Washington Redskins. Follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli

Redskins NFC East Division Champions

(Photo Cred: The Washington Redskins defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-24, to win the NFC East Division title. The Redskins are now playoff bound for the first time since 2012. The division championship was on the line during this game. The Washington Redskins successfully beat the Philadelphia Eagles to clinch the division, which has not been done since 2012. The Eagles would have needed to beat the Redskins and the New York Giants this upcoming week to win the division title. The Redskins played an awesome game against the Eagles. Washington played together as a team with a common goal. They practiced and prepared mentally and physically for this game. During the game the Redskins never lost their momentum and they kept playing until the very end. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins threw 4 touchdown passes, no interceptions, and had a season-high 365 yards. Redskins Jordan Reed had two touchdowns, Pierre Garcon had one and Chris Thompson also had a touchdown for Washington. Reed had his best game yet playing against the Eagles. He had 9 catches for 129 yards along with his two touchdown passes. This game brought him to having 10 touchdowns this season and he is the first Redskins player to achieve that since 1991. He also set a franchise record for receiving yards. The Redskins defense also had an impressive game. Preston Smith had three sacks. DeAngelo Hall returned a fumble by Eagles player DeMarco Murray for a 17 yard touchdown. Redskins defense is united and making sure they are commanding respect. The Washington Redskins are division Champions for the first time since 2012 when RG3 led the team, and ended up losing to the Seattle Seahawks during the first game of the playoffs. The Seahawks along with the Vikings and the Packers are possibilities for who the Redskins might have to play in the first round of the playoffs, which will be determined this upcoming Sunday. The Redskins are a hot team right now headed to the playoffs. They struggled all season long to win consecutive games. The game against the Eagles is their third consecutive win and their second on the road. The Redskins are focused and are showing it to the teams they play. Redskins were welcomed home to a swarm of fans at the FedEx stadium cheering them on as they arrived home. Next week the Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys for their last game of the regular season. The Redskins lost the Cowboys during week 13 and are expected to defeat their ultimate division rival this Sunday. The Redskins are now 8-7 and NFC East division champions.

Redskins in Three-Way Tie for Division Lead

(Photo Cred: After winning a division rivalry game last week to the Giants, the Redskins lost at home to long time division rivals, Dallas Cowboys. This game resulted in a 3-way tie between the Redskins, Giants, and the Eagles. This past Sunday the Redskins lost to the Cowboys by a field goal. The Redskins gave the Cowboys their first win without their starting quarterback Tony Romo since 2009. The Cowboys were able to win the game by a 54-yard game winning field goal by their kicker Dan Bailey with only 9 seconds left in the game. Many factors and shortcomings contributed to the loss of the game for Washington. There were a number of penalties, missed blocks, and missed catches. Redskins are still at the top of the division tying with the Giants and the Eagles. Even with the win of this game the Cowboys are still at the bottom of the NFC East division. With this loss the Redskins are still tied in the playoff race. The Cowboys have Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson to thank for helping them score their one and only touchdown. Jackson fumbled on a 22-yard loss punt return that the Cowboys fumbled and capitalized off of. He addressed his mistake to telling them that even though he redeemed himself, he felt terrible that Washington lost. DeSean feels that he is a veteran in the league and he knew that he should have done a better job protecting the ball. The Redskins did not capitalize off of any of the three Cowboys fumbles. The Cowboys capitalized off Jackson's fumble to briefly put them in the lead. The team hurt themselves with turnovers, their struggle to get points, and the offensive line struggling throughout the night. This loss resulted in the Redskins not securing the top spot leading the division for another week. The Redskins are currently 5-7 and the Cowboys are now 4-8. Redskins have to win next week to stay atop of the division. Next week the Redskins will take on the Chicago Bears, who are third in their division, in Chicago. Like the Redskins, the Bears are also 5-7. This will be a struggle for them with the Redskins being 0-5 on the road and also a challenge for the Bears who are 1-5 at home. With only 4 games remaining and no easy games for any of the teams in the division, this week will determine the first place team in the tie between the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles play the 6-6 Buffalo Bills at the Eagles Stadium this Sunday. The New York Giants will play the Miami Dolphins on Monday night and are are also 5-7 like them. The Cowboys, who are in last place in the NFC East division play the green Bay Packers who are 8-4.

Washington's Best Offensive and Defensive Performance

(Photo via: USA Today) This past Sunday, the Washington Redskins defeated the New Orleans Saints 47-14.  This game was the Redskins best offensive and defensive overall performance. During Sunday’s game when Kirk Cousins connected with wide receiver DeSean Jackson, it set the tone for the remainder of the game. That play resulted in a 42 yard gain. Washington covered 96 yards in 10 plays, which is the team’s longest drive in 15 years. The offensive line perfected the passing game and running the ball. This game showed that the running game was back with backs Matt Jones and Alfred Morris assisting in gaining 225 net rushing yards. Morris gained 92 yards on 15 carries, Jones had 11 rushes for 56 yards, and running back Chris Thompson had 2 rushes for 54 yards. The team took advantage of the Saints bad defense by dominating the second half of the game. The defensive line outplayed theirs and according to, linebacker Perry Riley ranked second for the top catches of the week with him making five. This ranking came after Riley struggling in pass coverage a few weeks prior. Throughout the game the defense assisted with two interceptions. The first interception Redskins safety Dashon Goldson caught and ran in for a touchdown. The second one was intercepted by Riley. Linebacker Trent Murphy and defensive end Chris Baker assisted with sacks and tackles. Sunday was Cousins’ best game so far this season. This game gave Cousins a perfect passer rating of 158.3. He is also the first Redskins quarterback with at least 300 yards passing and a rating above 150. Cousins completed 20 for 25 passes, had 324 yards, and 4 touchdown passes, which has been a career high for him. Cousins connected with Jamison Crowder, Matt Jones, and Jordan Reed twice for touchdowns. Cousins threw no interceptions this game. The Redskins worked together as a team to outplay the Saints in many different ways. Throughout the afternoon the Redskins kept the lead in the game. Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins had the chance to play against his former Saints team as well as Saints kicker Kai Forbath who got cut by the Redskins earlier this season. Hopkins completed all four of his three point field goal attempts and five extra point kicks. The Redskins are currently 4-5 and second in the NFC East division. This upcoming Sunday the Redskins will play the undefeated Carolina panthers.